Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The 2013 De Lorenzo ASPYA Summer Conference

The 2013 De Lorenzo ASPYA summer conference was held on Sunday 8th September – Tuesday 10th September. De Lorenzo returned to its roots as it held its conference on Hamilton Island – where its very first conference was held 10 years ago.

The conference kicked off with a fashion show that celebrated the wealth of emerging talent that exists in the extended De Lorenzo family. The vibrant event showcased guest artists and salon teams in a fashion parade that was truly a visual feast. The show was divided into 4 themes Free love, pop art, punk and space, where each team displayed their flair.

Free Love saw the 60’s and 70’s brought back to life by guest artist Rebecca Hubbart and her team Kristy Taylor and Lisa Simons who showcased the hippy era.

Pop Art was an Andy Warhol inspired take on hair by guest artist Richard Kownacki and his team Storm Lahiff and Sara Briscoe.

Punk was what Guest artist Tim Maddaford and his team Kyle Falconer and Maz Azorakos showcased, creating postmodern and punk themed hairstyles.

 Space was a Lady Gaga inspired cocktail of futuristic flair created by guest artist Sofia Azaorakos and her team Paige Evison and Vicki Frisk. Taking the audience to another

The fashion show was a world-class event held in an intimate location and left everyone in the room feeling inspired for the next few days. 

The ASPYA salon of the year awards were announced and the 2013 salon of the year was Hair Review

Salons who have reached the 5 and 10-year milestones of ASPYA membership: 

5 year ASPYA members
Marketing Excellence Finalists:
1. Hair Review
2. La Unica
3. Podium Hair & Beauty

The 2013 Salon of the Year: Hair Review
The 2013 Marketing Excellence Award Winner: La Unica 

Marketing Excellence Winner:: La Unica


Top 10 Salon of the Year Finalists 
1. Capelli Hair Studio
2. La Unica Salon
3. Mali Hair Spa

4. A Cut Above Hair Stylist
5. Hair Review – Winner
6. Madd Hairdressing
7. Bella The Cut & Colour Salon
8. Podium Hair & Beauty – First Runner Up 9. Underwraps Hair Studio

10. Clareʼs Hair Together & True Beauty

The Salon of the Year Second Runner Up: Underwraps Hair Studio 
The Salon of the Year First Runner Up: Podium Hair & Beauty
The 2013 Salon of the Year: Hair Review 

2013 Salon of the Year Winners: Hair Review

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